Inflatable Anal Plug Anos Rc Inflatable Butt Plug W

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Inflates itself thick & bulging - conveniently at the push of a button!
ideally shaped vibro-anal plug rc inflatable plug with vibration from anos with a sensitive tip and a wide, secure base. can be automatically inflated thick and firm - for a wonderfully full feeling and a perfect anal stretching training.

vibration (10 modes), pump and air pressure release function (air release) can be controlled separately via the practical remote control (range up to 10 meters) or directly on the toy at the push of a button. the vibro-plug pumps itself up a little more in 6 stages – up to a maximum of 6.2 cm in diameter! To reduce the volume of the vibro-plug again, just press the button.

thanks to its tapered design, the plug is easy to insert and the wide base prevents it from slipping in too deeply, so that you can wear the vibro-plug for longer, e.g. during sex. made entirely of silky-soft silicone, it is easy to insert and ensures maximum comfort when wearing and playing.

rechargeable - usb charging cable included. including battery (cr2032) for the remote control.

total length 14.5 cm, insertion length 12 cm.
ø max. 4 cm – can be pumped to ø max. 6.2 cm.
weight 127g.
silicone, pu, abs.


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