B Balls Duo Grey/Black

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Availeble in spain and portugal. Ball duo are anal beads in gray and black color developed in high quality medical silicone and safe for the body.they are designed with a conical tip for easy insertion, its base has an anchor-shaped design to fit perfectly and can be removed without any problem. They are dynamic, discreet and unique, your movement controls the movement of the internal balls, when you swing from one side to the other, they are spinning and when you bounce up and down, they also do the same as you do. They are ideal for anal training for partner sex or to make solo play more fun and even walking! They are more pleasurable when there is enough movement because the more movement, the bigger the burst! They are perfect for anal kegel exercises because their weight helps you to obtain benefits such as: greater sexual well-being, more intense and pronounced orgasms, prevention of urinary incontinence and strengthening of the pelvic floor, and should not be worn in excess, as the muscles can also suffer. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant for better insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants could damage the toy. Clean with soap and water, preferably with a toy cleaner specific for erotic toys and dry them on a cotton cloth as hygiene is essential for these toys.

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