Love Bend It Rechargeable Ocean Blue

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The rechargeable and even more flexible version of the best-selling bend it vibrator of the brand love. the new love vibrator is designed to reach the g-spot with maximum ease and absolute precision. it surprises us with a flexible 360º axis, which is really innovative. you can bend it both forward and backward, providing endless possibilities for pleasure. since every woman is unique, this vibrator is the only one that bends in the ideal position and reaches the most distant points of the female anatomy. it contains a very powerful motor with 10 different vibration modes. the rechargeable bend it vibrator gives you more autonomy and power. the silicone is extremely soft and you can bend it any way you want until it stimulates the exact spot. it is waterproof and rechargeable. imagine the amount of mischief you can get into with this excellent vibrator. ** to purchase a pack consisting of 3 bend it rechargeable ocean blue + 1 free tester. here

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