Carson Optigami Microscope Kit For Kids

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Carson's optigami is a microscope kit designed specifically for creative kids. Want to experience the joy of building your own microscope and actually using it? Then the carson optigami is just right for you. The exterior of the microscope is made of cardboard, and the fun part is that you can assemble it all by yourself. You can read exactly how this works in the instructions. With the help of pictures you can see exactly what you need to do. Because the microscope has a high magnification of 50 to 400x, you can view even the smallest objects up close. With this microscope you will receive 12 slides from us. These are small preparations on which, for example, insects are depicted. This allows you to see up close what an insect actually looks like. Optigami has everything you need, such as a focus wheel to keep everything in focus and an adjustment wheel to set the magnification. When you use the microscope, you can also turn on the built-in light so you can see everything even better. To use the light, you need two aa batteries. These are not included in this set, but you probably have them at home. Application carson kids optigami microscope kit building and using a microscope is a learning experience. For all school-age kids, little tinkerers and future scientists, the carson optigami is a fun challenge. But this kit also offers hours of fun for adults. You can use the microscope by looking through it with your own eyes. This way you can share all the beautiful things you see with your friends and family. Optionally, you can also connect a smartphone to the optigami. Tip: this set is a nice giveaway. The product can be used by anyone, but assembling this microscope is especially suitable for children 6 years and older in combination with an older person.


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