Carson Pocket Microscope Micromini 20x Blue

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Do you always want to have a microscope in your pocket? Then the carson micromini is the right choice. Perfect for extreme magnification of fabrics, flowers, leaves and other things. This pocket microscope has 20x magnification and is equipped with uv light. With this you can see hidden objects in the currency. Since the mm-280b (blue) has led illumination, you can also use it as a flashlight to explore your surroundings. Application carson pocket microscope micromini 20x blue with the carson micromini 20x on your keychain, you always have your pocket microscope within reach. Hold the microscope over the object and rotate the focus ring to obtain a sharp image. The carson micromini 20x has several lighting options. Slide the led button down to illuminate the object. When pushed up, the micromini functions as a flashlight. This microscope is also equipped with a uv lamp. By pressing the uv button on the side, it is easy to operate.


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