Lelo Hex Respect Xl Condoms

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Hex respect condoms represent the xl version of the original model. hex condoms are specially designed to increase sensitivity and enhance pleasure. the experience has nothing to do with other condoms.  hex is extremely elastic and perfectly adapts to the shape of the penis. its 350 interconnected hexagons allow for a more natural feel during intercourse, while the way it conforms to the penis greatly reduces the risk of slippage. ultra-soft on the outside, with internal structure, the inner hexagonal mesh is limited and widened to fit securely in all shapes. therefore, with hex de lelo condoms, you no longer have to choose between pleasure and protection the structure is designed to solve the three most common complaints.we all know that conventional condoms break easily, whereas hex does not occur because its reticulated latex structure reinforces the entire arrangement inside the condom, not outside, a handle ensures that the condom stays in place.these condoms are shaped to adapt to the uniqueness of each user, so the feeling is much more natural. both members of the couple feel more similar and the condom is no longer a distraction that spoils the moment schutz natural latex condoms, 0.045 mm thick, 58 mm nominal width lightly lubricated, 10% longer and wider than original hex newly designed latex structure that combines fineness and strength and improve grip during sexual intercourse.

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