Marumi Slim Fit Circ. Pola Filter 77 Mm

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The marumi slim fit circular polarization filter is an extra thin filter used ideally in conjunction with wide-angle lenses. Compared to a standard 10.4mm thick circular polarization filter, the marumi slim fit filter is just 7mm thick. Marumi slim fit circular polarization filter possibilities the marumi circular polarization filter is used to enhance colours and contrast and remove reflections in photographs. Circular polarization filters can be used in circumstances where the minimization of reflection is desired. Photographing an object behind glass at a museum or and an animal beneath the water, are both examples of when one may wish to use a polarization filter. By turning and adjusting the outer ring of the filter, you can decide whether to focus on the removal of reflection or to focus on the depth of the image. Due to this, the circular polarization filter can also be used when photographing landscapes as the filter can be adjusted to enhance the blue tones in sky. Further, the filter can enhance the contrast of the clouds in sky and is generally suitable for use outside during the day.

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