Miops Flex Camera Remote Controller

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The miops flex is an advanced camera trigger that gives you ultimate control over the timing of your photography. The built-in sensors of the flex, along with the sensors of your smartphone, allow you to control the camera in more than 10 ways. In addition, you can use your smartphone to look through your camera's viewfinder, share real-time photos that are on the memory card, and manually change camera settings. This makes flex a versatile and valuable accessory, allowing you to creatively create images in new ways.  triggering with miops flex you can take pictures with your dslr or system camera, using the various modes of the miops mobile app. Thanks to the clear layout, you can use the system effortlessly. Select one of the options below and let your smartphone do the rest. Thunderstorm (including merging lightning) focus stacking (not available on all cameras) distance traveled (via gps) hdr (including merging of the different images) sound level external laser various timelapses timer timetable miops flex in practice before using the flex, first charge the built-in battery. Depending on conditions, the flex can last up to two hours on a battery charge. Then connect flex to your camera with a usb cable. You can find a suitable usb cable in the optional accessories. You can place the flex on the hotshoe of your camera for convenience, but the connection by cable is always required. Next, download the app for iphone or android. The app uses bluetooth and wi-fi to connect to flex. You don't need to open the settings app to do this, connecting is automatic from the miops app. Then you have access to the trigger functions and can control your camera remotely. Special functions unlike other triggers from miops, the flex offers the following extras: iso, shutter speed and aperture: the miops flex allows you to remotely adjust your camera's settings. These include the iso value, shutter speed and aperture. Backing up: with the push of a button, you wirelessly back up the photos on your camera's memory card. See live through the lens: the live image from your camera is sent to your smartphone app via the flex, even if your camera does not have wi-fi viewing photos taken: photos can be viewed on your smartphone immediately after you take them. What's remarkable about this is that you can browse through the different photos in no time. Advanced editing the processing power of your smartphone, in combination with the smart flex app, makes it possible to edit photos in special ways. Here are a few examples: lightning mode: if you have taken several photos of lightning, you can use the miops app to merge the different lightning into one photo. Hdr mode: flex takes photos with normal exposure, but also overexposed and underexposed, at the touch of a button. These are then combined in the miops app into one impressive hdr image, which you can share right away. Magazine mode: you can load transparent png files into the app, to instantly see how a captured photo would look as the cover of a magazine or as a greeting card with text and illustrations. Application flex if you are looking for the most versatile camera trigger, you have now found it. When shooting, you will benefit from its smart functions for years. You use flex to take a picture at exactly the right moment. Even when you want to view pictures taken a few meters away or want to see the image live, the flex is a great addition to your camera. Flex is suitable for canon, nikon, sony and fujifilm cameras. You will also receive a 16gb memory card, which can be placed in flex for making backups.  

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