Pixel Timer Remote Control Wireless Tw-283/N3 For Canon

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With the pixel timer remote control wireless tw-283/n3 you can trigger your canon camera wirelessly, up to a distance of more than 80 meters. So you no longer have to touch the shutter release button of your camera or even be near your camera! This multifunctional set supports five different modes. For example, you can remotely control your camera for a single photo (single shooting) or take a series of photos within 1 second (continuous shooting). In addition, the tw-283/n3 offers the bulb-shooting option, in which you determine the shutter speed. If your camera supports long shutter speed photography, you have the option to hold down the button on the remote control so that the shutter opens. When you release the button, the shutter will close again. You can also set a timer. In this mode (delay shooting) you can set the timer between 1 and 59 seconds, where you can also determine the number of photos (1 to 59 photos). Finally, you can set up a timer schedule shooting, up to a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. You can also freely set the number of photos to be taken between 1-99, 1-999 or infinity. The set consists of the transmitter tw-283tx and receiver tw-283rx. The transmitter has a comfortable grip and has an lcd screen. It displays the channel, battery status and selected mode. The transmitter sends a signal with a 2.4 ghz frequency, on up to 30 different channels. The maximum standby time is 1,000 hours for the transmitter and 400 hours for the receiver. Both the transmitter and receiver operate on two aaa batteries (not included). The receiver has a hotshoe adapter with 1/4" female thread. This allows you to mount it not only on your canon camera, but also on a tripod (see optional accessories). The weight of the transmitter is 52.6 grams and of the receiver 36.2 grams. This product is suitable for the following cameras: html, body { height: 100%; } img.camerakabel { height: 40%; width: 40%; } if you have another camera, please contact us for a suitable product. Usage pixel tw-283/n3 for canon to use the remote control, insert the aaa batteries into the transmitter and receiver compartments. To use the remote control wirelessly, turn on the receiver. Then place the receiver on the hotshoe of your camera, or optionally on a tripod. You can also use the transmitter without the receiver, by attaching the transmitter to your camera using the supplied cable. In the clear menu of the transmitter you can easily determine the mode you want to use. The transmitter has an auto-shutdown function after 30 minutes; the receiver does not switch off automatically.

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