Studioking Heavy Duty Light Stand On Wheels Fpt-3805 420 Cm

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The fpt-3805 by studioking is a robust lamp stand on wheels, has a maximum height of no less than 424 cm and a load capacity of up to 40 kg. the tripod features extra thick stainless steel sections and legs, so you can safely attach even heavy equipment to the universal spigot connection. using the three wheels, it is possible to move the tripod easily and secure it. Features of the tripod When the tripod is fully unfolded, the height is 4.2 meters. when the tripod is fully collapsed and the wheels removed, the length is approximately 1.5 meters. this allows you to transport this large tripod relatively easily. the three wheels ensure that you can easily move the tripod on any stable surface. with the help of the brakes on each wheel, you can lock it securely. Connections and expansion options At the top there is a lever with which you can slide up the spigot. on this you can attach almost any studio lamp, such as led/flash/fresnel. at the top, the tripod also has a 29mm connection (female). here you can, for example, attach a 29mm-to-thread adapter, so that products with 1/4" thread can also be placed on the tripod. you can also expand the fpt-3805 with, for example, a boom arm. these additional accessories can be found under "optional accessories". • connections: universal spigot and 29mm female • optional: e.g. 1/4" thread adapter or boom arm Application studioking fpt-3805 If you are looking for an easy-to-move, rock solid tripod on which to use heavy items, the fpt-3805 is a suitable accessory. with a maximum height of 420 cm, the tripod also offers countless possibilities for accessories that you want to position at a greater height. the tripod is aimed primarily at the (semi-) professional with heavy equipment, but also as a novice user, this tripod is a handy solution. you can use this tripod for example with lamps (eg led / flash / fresnel), but also with microphones and other accessories with a threaded / spigot connection (see heading above). this makes the studioking fpt-3805 suitable for e.g. film shoots, photo shoots and eng productions.

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