Studioking Light Stand On Wheels Fpt-3605a 312 Cm

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The studioking light stand on wheels fpt-3605a is a sturdy tripod with a large spread for added stability. this ensures that the tripod can carry heavier equipment. furthermore, the tripod can be easily folded and unfolded, making it ideal for taking with you. the fpt-3605a is equipped with wheels, so you can easily move it. all wheels have a brake, so you can quickly fix them in the desired place. the tripod has three sections. Application studioking light stand fpt-3605a On the tripod you can place an led lamp for example, because of the wheels of the tripod you can easily change the direction of the light when you move the fpt-3605a. also mounting a reflector is one of the possibilities. all these and other accessories can be placed on the telescopic spigot of the tripod. this spigot is not equipped with screw thread. on top of the tripod is an opening for an optional boom arm or spigot. these are secured using the wing nut and allen screw on the side of the tripod.

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